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March 2014

LAMCOR to market Bolton-Emerson Products

Lamcor Corporation and Bolton-Emerson Americas, LLC have signed an agreement giving LAMCOR exclusive rights to market and sell Bolton-Emerson products into pulp and paper and certain other industries in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

The Bolton-Emerson products include the Tornado pulper, Bolton-Emerson’s unique technology for wet-strength and other difficult-to-pulp furnishes, the Claflin refiner as well as Jordan fillings and the Park Coater. Lamcor will supply customers with complete machines, rebuilds, repairs and parts, such as rotors and stators for the Tornado, fillings for beaters, Jordans and Claflin refiners, and Coater and Laminator parts.

Bolton-Emerson is a global manufacturer that has expanded beyond the pulp and paper industry it has served for over 100 years with proven technology to also meet the needs of recyclers, biofuel producers, and others.

“This licensing agreement with Lamcor allows Bolton Emerson to continue to offer excellent service to our core pulp and paper customers,“ says David Kelley, President of Bolton-Emerson. “While allowing the company to explore new and exciting opportunities in recycling and bio-fuels.”

Luigi Silveri, President of Lamcor adds, “This is an excellent fit for LAMCOR as it further increases the range of products and services we can supply to our pulp and paper customers.”

Lamcor Corporation services the pulp and paper and other industries with a broad range of products and services including liquid ring vacuum pumps, paper-machine auxiliaries and equipment for material handling, stock preparation and recycling, providing new equipment as well as parts, repair and rebuild services.

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