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Pulping & Coarse Screening System

Through Lamcor's partnership with Eclipse FiberNet the following engineering functions are available:

 Project & Process Management 
  • Prepare Project Execution Plans

  • Audit Process Systems and Recommend Tuning Parameters  

  • Design Upgrades to Existing Systems  

  • Project Estimating & Procurement of Goods and Services  

  • Project Schedule Evaluation & Management  

  • Locate and Direct Subcontracted Engineering Services

  • Monitor Commissioning & Optimization

 Testing & Training Services  
  • Training Operations Personnel on Processes and Products

  • In-house Seminars Reviewing Technical Issues and Market Developments in the Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Monitor Testing and Evaluate Trial Results 

 Business Services

  • Evaluate Current Business Model and Practices

  • Take Active Roles on Management Teams

  • Prepare Marketing and Financing Strategies

  • Assist with Corporate Strategies and Initiatives

  • Benchmark Company and Product Position

  • Evaluate Product Change and Improvement

  • Prioritize Development Schedules

  • Evaluate Industry Trends and Forecasts

  • Review and Critique Current Strategies

  • Establish and Implement Sales and Marketing Tactics

 Maintenance Services 

  • Benchmark Existing Equipment & Operations

  • Inspect Equipment for Wear & Tear

  • Recommend Needed Maintenance and Repairs

  • Plan, Schedule, and Staff Shutdown Work

  • Shutdown & Installation Supervision

  • Inventory Assessment

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