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Claflin Refiner
  • High-angle conical
  • Highly uniform refining
  • Homogenous stock
  • Ideal for long and difficult fibers:
    • Cotton
    • Synthetic
    • Abrasives, such as glass

Claflin Fillings:

  • One-piece fillings

  • Cast plug and shell for available patterns

  • Welded, all patterns available




Tornado Pulper

  • To defiber "impossible" furnishes

  • Ideal broke and waste pulper for:

    • Wet strength

    • Electrical insulation papers, Gasket stock, Map paper, Flooring base, etc.

  • Batch or Continuous

  • Precision Clearing Adjustment available

    • Can retrofit existing units 

  • Unique rotor and stator design results in:

    • Rapid submergence

    • High agitation and shear

    • Effective size reduction

Tornado Fillings:

  • Rotors and stators

  • Can be rebuilt for:

    • Added life

    • Reduced cost

  • Add Hardfacing and machine to original OEM specifications


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