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  • LAMCOR New Vacuum Pumps
    • "BOLT-IN-REPLACEMENT" for Nash, Somarakis & Vooner.
    • Parts interchangeable with Nash parts
      • Reduces spare parts inventory and installation costs
    • Offered in variety of metallurgies including:
      • Cast Iron
      • Ductile Iron
      • 316 S/S
      • Bronze
    • 316 S/S Sleeves through packing areas
    • Dynamically Balanced Rotors
    • Efficiency & Vibration Tested before shipment

  • LAMCOR Vacuum Pump Exchange Program
    • Completely rebuilt VOONER and NASH CL series pumps usually in stock
    • Same day shipment for in stock pumps
    • Fair allowances made based on inspection of customer's old pumps
    • Mechanical warranty 

  • LAMCOR Vacuum Pump Rebuilding
    • VOONER and NASH Products
    • Typical rebuild can include new Bearings, Gaskets, Shims, and Seals, new or reworked Shaft, Cones, Heads, Body, and Rotor, reset clearances, sandblasting and painting
    • Short turn-around time
    • Many years experience in rebuilding Nash, Somarakis & Vooner pumps

  • LAMCOR Efficiency Testing
  • Dynamic Orifice Plate Airflow capacity measurements
  • Results documented in a comprehensive report with Energy Analysis, prioritized recommendations and efficiency and horsepower curves
  • Excellent preventive maintenance procedures

  • Vacuum Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories
    • Inlet and Discharge Manifolds
    • Inlet and Discharge Separator/Silencers
    • Seal water control systems
    • Access to most VOONER and NASH parts
    • Inlet Separator Unloader Pumps

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