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  • Beater repairs, rebuilds

  • Complete line of beater bars and bed plates


  • Jordan parts, repairs, and rebuilds

  • Fillings for ALL makes of Jordans

    • Emerson, Bolton

    • E.D. Jones, Beloit Jones

    • B-C, Shartle Miami

    • N&W, Appleton...

Wedgeless Plug Fillings:

  • With holding power the full length of the plug

  • No pins, rings, or bands to break or loosen

  • Standard size slots

Inverted Wedge Fillings:

  • Reduced filling time

  • Duroid separates two knives to "lock-in" fillings

  • Half as many strips cut filling time

  • Remove by prying out Duroid strips

Hydro Truss Shell Fillings:

  • Secure fit in older Jordans

  • Sectional shell fillings assembled on rods

  • Excellent structural strength

  • Long-lasting service

  • Convenient to install in limited space


  • Installs in 15 minutes

  • One piece for quick shell changes

  • Machined to close tolerances

  • Internally secured for long, trouble-free operation

One-Piece Fillings

  • Cast plugs and shells - for available patterns

  • Welded plugs and shells - any possible patterns



  • Special design









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