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Lamcor supplies high quality OEM replacement parts for many Cartridge filters.

Cartridge Filter Types
  • Resin Bonded: Phenolic resin impregnated paper. Micron ratings from 1 to 150. Available lengths from 3" to 40".

  • String Wound: Seven medias to choose from along with seven different core types. Micron ratings from .5 to 250 with lengths from 9-3/4" to 50". Core covers and end treatments available.

  • Pleated: Various media types including phenolic resin impregnated paper, borosilicate glass, synthetic polyester, cellulose and polypropylene to fit all applications. Micron ratings from .2 absolute to 50. Elements are available in a variety of end configurations and sizes.

Elements & Applications
  • Nominal: Designed for efficient removal of particulates from liquids or gasses.

  • Beta Rated: An upgrade from nominal cartridges. Offer high efficiency removal of particulates from liquids or gasses.

  • Absolute: Cartridges that offer high quality beta rated filtration for applications where "absolute" filters are required.

  • Petroleum: Elements designed for removal of water and particulates from petroleum or petroleum bases fluids.

  • Water: Specifically designed for filtration of water and water based fluids.

  • Air: Elements used for efficient removal of particulates from air.

Coalescer Filter

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Coalescer Filter

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